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About Us The Open Hearts, Open Minds foundation intends to help achieve Peace through Understanding, Charity and Goodwill. (With “Peace” in this context having a much broader meaning, such that it encompasses the internal state of a persons feeling and perception of total well being). Where the Open Hearts, Open Minds foundation intends to be different is that we will seek to achieve a sense of community by attracting members – not just donors, with membership being open to all. This is a key difference and members will be encouraged to be proactive such that they are
  • Active participators and not just spectators
  • Action takers as well as positive conversation and (intelligent) discussion makers
  • Permanently acting towards the objects in their everyday lives, and not just making infrequent contributions
Hence, Encouraging others to become members and act towards the objects It is globally recognized that "Peer Pressure" has a great impact on how we conduct ourselves and how we perceive ourselves (amongst other effects), including how we perceive our own state of well being. The Open Hearts Open Minds foundation intends to make constructive and positive use of this phenomenon by helping people break away from counterproductive habitual behavior towards helping to achieve a better community for all We will also seek to obtain members that have strong educational and professional backgrounds, so that they can assist in achieving and leading the changes needed. Our links to other bodies also means that we would hope to be able to globally transmit our achievements more quickly.
Our objects are strongly complimentary. In total we aim to build a “model community of members” that includes people from all backgrounds. We hope that this “community” will then be able to act as a strong reference site of Harmonisation in the achievement of
Peace, Understanding, Charity & Goodwill.
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