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Kenya Orphan SponsorshipKenya has a population of 30 million people of which 30% (9 million) are Muslims. The majority of Muslims live in the coastal regions, the more affluent part of Kenya. Western and Northern Kenya have fewer Muslims and is less affluent. Whilst Muslims have been on the east coast for a few generations, Islam is only now reaching the other areas. Muslim Group for Development (MGD) Muslim Group for Development (MGD) was officially formed in 1999. From their main headquarters in Kakamega, Sheikh Abdullah Lambu and Sheikh Ibrahim, Hasan Ali, Nweela Nair as well as twenty other brothers across Western Kenya. help with the distribution of money, food, Islamic books and general running of MGD. Other Imams include Saeed Hussain in Lusheya, Fuad Swaleh in Mbale, Muhammed Ali in Buschia, and Muhammed Khalfan who is also in charge of the Goat and Dairy programme.
The Open Hearts, Open Minds Foundation in conjunction with Angel Welfare & Education Trust are now working to raise monies to aid various projects as follows:
Orphan and Widows Self Sufficiency and Poverty Alleviation Programme The aim of this project is to give the impoverished the help they need to stand on their own feet and work for their own livelihood. Instead of just providing food rations regularly, we decided to start these projects so that some families may become self-sufficient. 1. DAIRY COWS There are now five hi-bred dairy cows and one calf. Four of the cows are pregnant and shall deliver in the next few months Insha-Allah. Potentially, by the end of this year there will be ten cows with five giving enough milk to provide good earnings.
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